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Wed 2 Nov
Metro (Sydney)
w Smithtown Riot, Levitikus

Thu 3 Nov
The Harp

Fri 4 Nov
Empire Hotel, Annandale (NSW)
w Casino Rumblers, Stepping Razor

Sat 5 Nov

Bizzo's, Caringbah (NSW)
w Smithtown Riot

Tue 8 Nov
The Spectrum, Darlinghurst (NSW)
w The Looks

Fri 11 Nov
The Marquee, Annandale (NSW)
with The QUEERS!

Fri 18 Nov

Empire Hotel, Annandale (NSW)
w Bagster, Lyrical Madmen, Kampei

Thu 24 Nov
Palm Court Hotel, Wollongong (NSW)
w Hytest, The Chargers

Tuesday . 1 November 2005
The SUNS kick off 220 Tour of Eastern Australia
With glowing reviews and community radio stations picking up the new EP "2/20" across the country, The SUNS gear up for their first extensive national east coast tour. Don't miss this oppurtunity to catch one of Melbourne's most explosive rock acts at a city near you!

The SUNS 220 voted Beat Magazine Single of the Week!

There's something about The Suns that touches what is missing in rock. Fun. Simple fun. What else would you get with three good-time loving lads from Singapore in Melbourne, combining reggae, ska, punk, pop, rock, swing, rockabilly into the most exhilarating ride imaginable? There's political-yet-fun playful sunshine reggae-rock croon of Let's Make Love with its superb breakdown, horns, 'lovelovelovelovelovelove' chanting, and chopping riff that should be the soundtrack of the new summer of rocklove. Even the rail-against-the-system Clash-White Man-reggae explosiveness of Under Control which features a guitar riff that's pant-wettingly good, and how about the utterly mental Charlene? And Hot Lips ("she's got the hottest lips on my list" - nice ...) could be the first single of the next Casanovas album; whilst Bootiful Day, DAMM! A magnificent piece of "and the sun is shining" optimism distilled into a tune of pop-reggae. But regardless, 2.20 is a ride into what makes rock fantastic; good times, fine ladies, fun, and love. It's still a mystery to me that with such a ubiquitious sense of pop-rock melody and appeal that they haven't been picked up by a label yet. There's San's epic - with tongue firmly in cheek - guitar solos and massive, utterly awesome, voice, J-Boss' arse trembling bass and Wayne Thunder's 'Marley-wants-his-drummer-back' majesty. Together, they've served up one of the most exciting rock releases of the year!

New photos from the Mach Pelican Oct 2005 tour
Being on da road with Mach Pelican was one hell of a rock experience!

This weeks diary entry
We've got a new blog!

Hey everybody, we've decided to move with the times so now our diary entries transformed into a blog! This will allow us to update our diary entries will we're on da road so that we can keep you up to date with all the crazy shit that happens while we're on tour!